At Holos we work to make the immersive technology the perfect ally for your company

We provide technology solutions that improve productivity, efficiency, learning processes and safety.

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality



Software Services


Virtual training experiences increases employee engagement and knowledge internalization.

Our high quality simulators provide our clients with best-in-class solutions that impact people learning and development. We focus on the user as they experience any of our simulations in first person.

Through technology, we create environments in which people can make decisions and learns from the consequences, improving learning retention.

Create a more engaging learning experience

Boost learning retention

Do the impossible



Mainly oriented to the support of industrial processes, our augmented reality solutions add value to the management of productive processes.

Increases engagement and interaction and provides a richer user experience

Offers the ability to interact with digital data and with the real world in the same context and time frame

Speed up the quality control process



Our collaborative platform helps companies to implement online training sessions in mixed reality XR (VR/AR); in single or multi-user and multi-platform mode (PC, mobile, HTC Vive, Oculus, others).

It is an open platform. Our clients have total freedom of choice around the content being used (Holos or third parties). It assures the traceability of training in mixed reality, providing tools for an adequate management of learning, from the generation of knowledge to its sustainability in time, using strategies supported by artificial intelligence.

Multiuser mode enables up to 20 workers to interact in the same virtual space

Capture detailed training data to improve workforce performance

Deliver multiplatform training courses (PC, VR/AR headsets, mobile)



Holos Technology specializes in corporate training by providing comprehensive e-learning solutions. We adapt our technology to fit our clients requirements and objectives.

High quality instructional design

Measurable solutions


Software services

We develop multiplatform software solutions using the latest technologies and methodologies to support our clients in their industry 4.0 journeys. We are your key partner in your digital transformation process.

Fit for purpose

Simple and safe

Agile development