Holos: a talk about the future and technology

It all started in 2017. One of Holos Consulting most important clients challenged us to improve their training systems and learning tools. Some time ago, we heard about virtual reality and its added value for training people. We embarked on this project, which fulfilled our first client’s expectations. It was then that we decided to take a step forward and generated the Technology business line within Holos Consulting.

Today, five years later, Holos Technology is giving Universidad Complutense de Madrid an interview, which is a great opportunity to get to know the company from a close perspective.

The first project achieved good results, but it was long ago. Is Holos Technology from 2017 similar to Holos Technology in 2020?
No. The company has evolved. We believe it has followed the normal path of a start-up. Although it was with Holos Consulting sponsor, Holos Technology started to be independent about a year after it was set up as a business line.

The first year was tough: we spent a long time understanding the technology business, trying to generate a new business model, totally different from the consulting agency. At first, we just had one client that required products from us and helped us to survive. One year later, we officially set up a team of developers in Mendoza, Argentina, very close to Santiago, Chile, and we started to launch products that are part of our portfolio at present. The company has evolved, not only our portfolio of solutions, but also as regards its number of clients. From that initial client, we have 12 now, and over 2,000 users that have gone through our simulators.

As regards Holos Tech team, what do you look for in candidates? And what do you think Holos offers to the world of labor?
Holos has a transversal culture as regards this. We look for candidates who fit; that is, who are able to integrate into our team. Maybe this aspect is much more relevant than their technical skills or their experience. We value  teamwork and we like having fun while we work; this is something we let our clients know and we state as a main value in our company, apart from basic values such as honesty and passion, among others. So, it is very important that the person who is going to be part of our team fits to our values and culture. I think people can unlock their potential in our company. Our team is composed of young and diverse people: we currently have 4 different nationalities and 40% of our staff are female engineers. We provide a relaxing work environment, prioritizing creativity, since we are flexible as regards time.

Our work is based on objectives. We believe discipline is important, but creativity is even more important. This is the reason why those creative and innovative spirits add value to Holos, and develop their skills when working with us.

Behind good results there are always good teams. What has been the company’s greatest achievement up to now?
We have been achieving plenty of milestones. An important achievement was our first international sale, which was in Argentina, in 2018, with a client we had been interested in for a long time since it was our “dream client” in Argentina: YPF, the biggest oil company in the country. Another important achievement has been to maintain our initial client, BHP, the biggest mining company in the world. Also, even though this achievement might be valued in time, we are turning into the technological referent in extractive industries: mining and oil & gas.

As regards your last answer, why do you think clients trust Holos?
One of our fundamental values is to make things happen, and we have been able to solve the most difficult challenges. Clients trust us, mainly when this kind of difficulties need to be overcome. We have never left a client unattended. This is why we have generally related to big corporations. Confidence should be built in time and I think we have always been able to sell our second project, which shows that our clients believe in our company.

And as regards future goals, do you expect to apply Holos Technology business model to other labor areas?
We expect to do so, but gradually. We like to work in a focused way and to be the best in what we do. Diversifying is part of our objectives, but focusing deeply on each area. Our clients consider Holos a company that is able to deal with the problems it faces.

Up to now, we have worked on oil&gas, mining, and education sectors. Our next objectives are, medicine, retail, tourism and real estate, among others. Also, one of our main short-term goals is to become international.

So, do you expect to expand your business?
Yes. Our expansion plan involves hiring more technical, operative and commercial resources to grow our portfolio and kickoff our marketing and sales plan.

Which countries have a greater potential to take in a company like Holos. Why?
Highly industrialized countries are the target number one for this kind of technologies. Our strategic plan aims at taking our services to the United States, Canada, Peru, Australia and Spain; this country is essential as it is the door to Europe for Latin American companies.

Talking about the future, how do you imagine your company in 5 years? And in 10?
Consolidated within the Latin American market, with measurable results, with a highly qualified team and being within the companies known as Best Places to Work. In conclusion, we see Holos Technology as a referent in the development of virtual and augmented reality products and services.

Within 10 years: it is difficult to say. Technology is continuously evolving, however, our company is characterized by its dynamism, and I´m sure we´ll keep this value by then. With dynamism we will be able to adapt ourselves to any technological change.

Many companies have considered COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to reinvent themselves, how has Holos Technology faced this situation?
To be honest, it has been a very agile transition as regards telework controversy, as we have always worked flextime. Regarding our value proposal, we have also been very quick at transforming our tools so as to meet current customer’s needs.

Finally, as regards this year that is about to end, what will 2021 be like for Holos?
Demand in online training is picking up and we are prepared to tackle it. As regards VR and AR, there is a need to come up with collaborative multi-platform solutions (PCs, VR kits, mobile apps). We think that 2021 will be a year of consolidation of this demand, and 2022 a year of net growth, as global economy improves. In general, technology 4.0 is always surprising us with innovative solutions and tools. We are on this journey and we want to be leaders in this aspect. This is Holos team’s view and commitment.