Virtual Reality

Our focus is on the user, who experiences any of our simulations in first person.

Through technology, we create environments in which the subject makes decisions and learns form the consequences of these decisions thus improving learning retention.

Augmented Reality


Mainly oriented to the support of industrial processes, our augmented reality solutions add value to the management of productive processes.

We can develop solutions for:
– Marker-based AR
– Location-based AR
– 3D model-based AR

DARWIN Platform


Perfect link between the virtual simulation experience and the need of organizations to manage their training program.

DARWIN, in cloud service, provides the necessary tools to capture the complete simulation experience, manage users and learnings, measure progress and generate reports.

LearnKEY Solution

Holos Technology proposes a turnkey solution, which includes the capture of our clients’ training needs and delivers a comprehensive solution to the challenge, ranging from the development of learning products to the assembly of the training center / classroom and the Provision of tools for user management, monitoring of learning, certifications and reportability.

Hardware VR

We develop hardware that we integrate with our VR solutions to confer greater realism to simulation experiences and favor musculoskeletal learning.

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